What is a Rental Application and what does it entail?

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Although there is no prescribed format and Landlords as well as Agencies have different processes they follow in selecting tenants, it is very common to have to go through an application process when looking to secure a rental property.

The application usually contains your personal details and its purpose is to determine a few important things, namely where you currently live, why you are moving, your current employment status and a breadown of your income vs expenses.

The information you provide will then be checked by doing a credit check, employment confirmation and likely a call to your current landlord to find out what sort of a tenant you have been.

Payslips and/or bank statements are normally also requested to show you are able to afford the apartment rental in question and corroborate the info you have provided.

In order to be in the best possible position and beat off competition for that in demand property, we suggest having all your supporting documentation at hand, namely:

  •  Payslips or bank statements
  •  Copy of ID
  •  Employment details with contact number of individual that can confirm employment
  •  Money available for deposit to secure
  •  Current landlord contact

Having all of this at hand will put you a step ahead of other applicants and help you in the process!

Author: Cesar Alexandre

Submitted 24 Oct 18 / Views 1167